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Game Development

Monster Killing Kid

This is the main character for a game concept developed by Lucas Carbone titled "Monsters Under the Bed". In this game, players play as kids as they try to survive rounds of monsters surfacing from the dark corners of their neighborhood. This Project was developed by brainstorming what a kid would wear or use as a weapon if he only had items he could find at home.


Giant Turtle Caravan

This project depicts a giant turtle that transports merchandise to all corners of the world. This turtle was found missing a leg and rescued by a merchant and since then the two of them have become best friends!


Electric Eden

Collection of props developed for the game Electric Eden. Electric Eden is a 3d platformer were you play as a cyborg armadillo in a post apocalyptic world.

Ineractive Spy Car

This project was Inspired by the vintage car aesthetic and the James Bond franchise. The project consisted of designing and creating a prop that could be interacted with. Lucas decided to create a spy car with unique gadgets such as pop-up guns and propellers. The 3D model was created in Maya and Textured in Substance Painter. It was then brought to life in Unreal Engine with the use of blueprints to create interactivity. Finally, additional assets were brought in to set dress a stage around the vehicle.

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