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Cats on The Bridge!

Cats on the Bridge is a card game where two players have to bid for cat warriors in order to take on and conquer the Bridge. This pitch video showcases the third prototype of this game in Action!


Costa Jaguar

Costa Jaguar is a Latin American Web 3 project. This project has a partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation, and Be[In]Crypto. As an artist, Lucas Carbone designed the collection, the graphic design, and the website for the project. 

Papa Verdura.jpg

Verde Puro

Character illustrations designed for Verde Puro a major Peruvian packaged vegetable seller and distributor. These illustrations were used in health and safety posters, and in social media posts.

Illustrations for Dr.SEO

Vector illustrations were created for the Dr.SEO website. Dr.SEO is a Peruvian marketing firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimisation.

Fantasy Illustration

A collection of personal work that depicts fantastical worlds and creatures from Lucas's imagination.

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