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Character Art

El Tunche

El Tunche is a mythological creature from the Amazon Rainforest. This creature is said to be partially the spirit of a human or a bird with hooves instead of legs. 

For this project, Lucas Carbone developed a character that functions as a 3d printed figure and a game-ready character. 

Monster Killing Kid

This is the main character for a game concept developed by Lucas Carbone titled "Monsters Under the Bed". In this game, players play as kids as they try to survive rounds of monsters surfacing from the dark corners of their neighborhood. This Project was developed by brainstorming what a kid would wear or use as a weapon if he only had items he could find at home.

Action Figure Wiracocha

Wiracocha is the father of the Andean pantheon and creator of all surges from the dark waters of Lake Titicaca. He created the sky, the earth, and humanity by breathing into stone.


For this project, Lucas developed an interpretation of this god as an action figure and was in charge of designing and sculpting the character.

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