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SAV_2021_Winter_ILLU460_Lucas-Carbone_A2_%22Lima la Gris%22.jpg

This project follows the story of a Peruvian delivery boy that gets transported into a mysterious land after finding a magical token. 

SAV_2020FALL_ILLU351_Lucas-Carbone_A4_Victorian Characters Illustration .jpg

This project follows the story of a kid trying to follow his dreams under the shadow of his deceased father and controlling mother.

Untitled_Artwork 202.jpg

Wander is a short animated film about a Filipino boy that gets lost in a supermarket. I worked alongside the Wander crew creating layouts and painting backgrounds.

SAV_2021_Spring_ILLU480_Lucas-Carbone_A3_Game Splash Art.jpg

On this page, you can see various illustrations that I have developed over the past years.


Here you will find a collection of sketches, ideas, and studies that I have created. 

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