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Splash art illustration showcasing an epic escape from a sea serpent.

SAV_2021_Spring_ILLU480_Lucas-Carbone_A3_Game Splash Art.jpg

Elf Warrior vs Army of Magma Golems

Splash art illustration showcasing an epic battle between a brave elf vs an army of golems. 


Alien Space Station

Sci-fi illustration series showcasing fantastical characters in a futuristic world. 


Underwater Warrior Illustration Series

Underwater merman warrior illustration series. The merman character was based on an axolotl . 


This image showcases a lettuce father taking care of his little lettuce children. This illustration was done for the brand Verde Puro that is a company that sells all types of vegetables. 

Papa Verdura.jpg

Dwarf spot illustration for a page on dwarfs! 


Dreamworld was a concept idea I developed. The story revolves around a kid that enters the world of dreams and has to defeat an evil dream that is trying to control all dreams and make everybody dream the same thing. 


This project depicts Merlin's shop of magical items. In this concept Merlin is immortal and so is his shop, so I wanted to show the juxtaposition between his old shop and a futuristic version of the city of Camelot.

Box of mystery challenge(interior) Lucas Carbone.jpg
Box of mystery challenge(exterior) Lucas Carbone.jpg
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